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Balenciaga Won't Renew Alexander Wang's Contract

By | 7/29/2015 12:12:00 PM Leave a Comment
balenciaga won't renew alexander wang's contract
balenciaga won't renew alexander wang's contract

It's quite likely that Balenciaga won't renew Alexander Wang's contract. It isn't too surprising that things are coming to an end. Despite Wang completely revamping the taste of the brand's clientele, the Balenciaga fashion house has made a gradual shift from the vivid and feminine pieces of Nicolas Ghesquière, to the dark and gloomy pieces of Wang. Sales have soared under his helm, but in the end, Wang and Balenciaga did not click entirely.

Thankfully for Wang, he has his own eponymous fashion label to focus on, and we wouldn't be surprised if that was his main reason for wanting to leave his duties at Balenciaga. Wang's label has been gaining traction thanks to the designer's infectious personality and his genius marketing tactics.

Balenciaga won't renew Alexander Wang's contract, but the designer still has a growing fan base that craves his all-black ensembles, his trendy handbags, and his love for demolishing the status quo.

Who do you think Alexander Wang's successor will be at Balenciaga?
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